It’s a regular activity of Bangla Hub to organise public art competition and exhibitions for various events and organisations. It is a very popular and attractive element that you can add to your space/event, any one from any cultural background can communicate/participate for taking part in public art competition, exhibition, public canvas, street art/painting, mural, mosaics and monument.  Children from various communities also take part in this events and festivals. Spicy Penrith, Bangla Folk Festival, Bangla Festival and Campbelltown Multicultural Festivals were highly important in different years since 2007. For this purpose Bangla Hub Inc. collaborates with the State Library of New South Wales, Bangladesh High Commission, Canterbury Banks Town City Council and Campbelltown City council. We are offering this event within the multicultural community, showcasing Bangladeshi lives in Australia through various Bangla art forms. We hope to create a unique niche for the rich heritage of the Bangla culture in Australia, proffering a generous form of Bangla art, film, literature, dance, music and many more. Bangla Art Exhibition thus endeavours to build, develop and mentor an open platform for the aspiring artist to exhibit their creative potentials.