Proposed and initiated by Bangla Hub Inc

The history of Bengali language movement is a Bengali pride for Bangladesh. To remember the language martyrs Bangladesh celebrates that day in 21st February since 1952. UNESCO declared 21 February as the “International Mother Language Day” to recognize the importance of mother language of each nation globally. With the same spirit Bangla Hub developed the project concept and drafted architectural drawings to build an International Mother Language Monument and submitted the proposal to Canterbury Bankstown City with the hope promoting cultural empathy, diversity, inclusion, connections and enrichments of CALD community groups in Australia. The monument might be a symbol of care, respect, value, harmony, and protection of all mother languages around the globe to get together on a common platform of the CALD community groups. Also, the project has a plan to develop an app “Augmented Reality” that would be a source of digital information for any group of the society. Thankfully, Canterbury Bankstown City Council accepted and adopted the project and unveiled the International Mother Language Monument on Saturday 21st February 2021