Bangla Hub Inc. is a non-profit organisation, our mission is to provide unique niche services according to the community needs such as information, connectivity, literature, art, culture, heritage, creativity, recreation, health, skill/professional development, youth, senior, family support and multicultural programs and consultancy services.  The organisation is reviving long-lasting needs of community development since 2007.

• Organise or support programs in art, literature, education, training, health, family, multicultural, and community affairs.
• Provide opportunity for community encouragement to the available services and resources.
• Circulate Bangla (Bengali) literature in order to enrich the flow of information, knowledge and recreation among Bangla speaking people and the greater Australian community.
• Provide Information & Research services to support socio-cultural needs of our community and other organisations.
• Provide special services to the new migrants focusing on the cultural buffer zone where majority of the migrants and their 2nd generation require proactive support.
• Bridging Bangladeshi Australian community with the wider community through literature and cultural exchange.
• Youth, senior and family support.
• Sourcing linguistic, cultural, recreational materials.